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DIANMING wants to contribute for an energy-saving world by offering every customer with premium LED products.

We put customer’s interest as our priority. With this essential corporate philosophy, all DARMON members team up as dynamic parts and forces, to strive for offering LED application products with superior performance and ever increasing reliability. By learning to the best in the industry and focusing on R&D everyday, it keeps us move toward to the higher quality standard a little bit in each day.

Our goal is to become customer’s primary choice when they consider LED products from detail-focused processing and patented design.

Each and every DIANMING’s employee is committed to creating and developing premium LED products without compromise. The never-ending innovation will keep us always dive to offer better product and service with 100% supportive attitude. And the team work spirit keeps us deliver the best as we could on a organizational level.

We understand that the service quality is all about focusing on details and being human-sensitive. Creative thinking results the customized style for every customer in our daily work.

DIANMING, an Asian world manufacturer who ensures adherence to the utmost quality standard in China LED industry.

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