A marathon of Smart City begins in Sarawak, Malaysia

Oct 17, 2022
"The deployment of the first batch Radar Speed Warning signs marks the beginning of master plan of Sarawak's smart city had been launched," said the official who in charge of the Sarawak State Department of Transportation at the opening ceremony of the equipment. The official said, "Sarawak looks forward to the continuous cooperation of DianMing Tech. It is expected that DianMing Tech can provide more and more advanced equipment to improve the transportation experience for people of Sarawak. Together we will create a convenient living environment for people of Sarawak.” The official’s speech revealed the new chapter of cooperation with DianMing Tech. It is an encouragement for DianMing to continue providing high-quality products and services to Sarawak.
Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia, which located in the northwestern part of East Malaysian Borneo. It is bordered by Brunei to the north, and Indonesia to the south, on the verge of the South China Sea. The Pan Borneo Highway spans the existing communities and protected areas in Sarawak with a total length of more than 2,200km. And it has been constructed since 2016, connecting Sarawak and neighboring Sabah towns and cities.
Malaysia's first "Smart City Master Plan" is based on the Pan Borneo Highway from the initial concept, and gradually implemented to the stages of demonstration planning, infrastructure preparation, equipment procurement and installation integration.

DianMing Tech has provided high-quality LED traffic signs and services for Malaysia's expressway and urban transportation for a long time. With a good reputation, it has been selected as a stable supplier of the "Smart City Master Plan". The extension of DianMing's products and service has become the foothold of "Smart Life, Digital Government and Digital Infrastructure" in the smart city plan of Sarawak.
More than 30 projects in the plan will be launched between 2021 and 2025. With this opportunity, DianMing’s smart display products and LED lighting products are lucky to participate in Sarawak's process of improving public services, accelerating economic growth and improving citizens' welfare.

" It (smart city) is connecting the people and the government, improving the quality of life of citizens through the use of smart technology and data analysis, especially reducing road congestion." The officials in charge of the Ministry of Transportation emphasized again at the launch of the smart city master plan.
As the supplier of this program, DianMing will continue and contribute to improve road safety, and provide effective services in Sarawak, helping to create a sustainable environment in this beautiful state.
“Smart city is the future”, which it is the trend of development. DianMing Tech will continue to stand together with integrators and contractors, to provide continuous contribution for the construction of smart cities and transportation development in Malaysia.