After a three-year absence, DIANMING is back!

After a three-year absence, DIANMING is back!

Mar 20, 2023
The European market has always been important to DIANMING Technology, and as a rapidly developing economy in the European region, Poland's smart transportation and LED lighting markets have continued to grow. Since the year of 2011 when DIANMING entered the Polish market, Warsaw has become one of DIANMING's footholds in Europe. In the past three years, DIANMING has been unable to send its marketing and technical personnel abroad due to the pandemic, but the passion of DIANMING Technology to conquer the European market has not been extinguished. At the beginning of last year when the pandemic control measures were slightly relaxed, DIANMING started planning to return to Europe as soon as possible.

From March 15th to 17th, DIANMING Technology exhibited its latest designed LED lighting products at the Polish International Lighting Equipment Exhibition in Warsaw after a three-year absence.

At this exhibition, DIANMING showcased a range of products which included:
Conventional street lights,
Integrated solar street lights,
Modular high-mast lights,
Smart modular tunnel lights,
and demonstrated solutions for single lamp control and overall lighting control systems.

The exhibition received many professional clients from the lighting industry, and DIANMING received unanimous praise from partners and competitors, further strengthening DIANMING's belief in deepening its roots in the Polish and European markets.

Time flies and in the blink of an eye, three years have passed. Although the effects of the pandemic are still lingering, DIANMING firmly believes that spring will come eventually, no matter how cold the winter is!

Taking this exhibition as an opportunity, DIANMING Technology will accelerate the pace of integrating into the European and even international markets, so that DIANMING's lighting products can light up every corner in the world!