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Dianming illuminates Guam|Dededo's football field renovation project

Oct 17, 2022
Guam ( The Territory of Guam ) is located in the western Pacific Ocean, at the southernmost tip of the Mariana Islands. Guam is known as a "duty-free shopping paradise", with its unspoiled beauty and abundant tourism resources. With a total area of 549 square kilometres, Guam is one of the most important US naval and air bases in the Western Pacific region

Dededo’s football field is one of the most important outdoor sports and leisure venues in Guam. The original field was with traditional metal halid lamps, which have severe stroboscopic and glare, as well as obvious light decay and insufficient illumination, which seriously affected public’s feeling in sports and leisure at night. At the same time, these lamps consumed much energy and caused light pollution, and maintenance costs were very high, which did not meet the products requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection. In order to optimize those facilities and improve the poor lighting effect of the football field thoroughly , the management unit of the Guam Dededo football fields started the field lighting system renovation project, and strongly invited Shenzhen Dianming to provide professional lighting solutions for its stadium..

Shenzhen Dianming Technology Co., Ltd. has insisted on independent R&D and innovation for many years, shaped the brand image of "Smart Made in China", and actively went to the world. By the invitation of the management division of Dededo football field in Guam, Dianming participated in the renovation of the lighting of Dededo. Our engineering team combined with the local climate and topography of Guam, adopted 1200W P5 LED high mast lights to replace the old metal halide lamps, which has significantly improved the lighting levels of Dededo football field. Our 1200W P5 has approved IP66 and IK09, with high luminous efficiency, long lifespan, fast startup and low power consumption features. Moreover, excellent light distribution design can effectively reduce glare, greatly improve visual comfort, and create a healthy and high-quality sports light environment. To meet the project requirement, Dianming also provided the control system for the whole field. The system is to monitor the status of lamps in real time, intelligent switching and dimming of lighting equipment, with the efficient and convenient intelligent management to realize a healthy and sustainable operation. After the installation and debugging is completed, the lighting performance has reached the expected acceptance standards, the lighting effect of health, comfort, smart energy saving has been achieved. Plus, we won highly praise from the owners, our customers and local people.

Since its establishment, Shenzhen Deming Technology Co., Ltd. Has adhered to the corporate mission of "providing first-class optoelectronic products for global customers", and on the basis of a series of innovative LED outdoor lighting products and mature outdoor lighting management solutions, it also has an experienced marketing team and a highly qualified management team can provide customers with a complete set of services such as professional energy audit, project design, equipment procurement, and engineering construction. In terms of production and manufacturing, Dianming Technology is equipped with first-class R&D, production and experimental equipment, and its modernization, scale and standardization are at the leading level in the industry. In the future, Shenzhen Dianming Technology Co., Ltd. will make persistent efforts to continuously meet the growing product and service needs of customers, so that more and better Chinese "smart" optoelectronic products will go overseas and illuminate the world!