The date of light and cherry blossoms - 2023 DIANMING's first stop at Tokyo Lighting Fair

The date of light and cherry blossoms - 2023 DIANMING's first stop at Tokyo Lighting Fair

May 25, 2023
At the end of February in Tokyo, you can enjoy both snow scenery and cherry blossoms. Compared with Shenzhen, which enters summer in an instant, the alternation of seasons here seems to be slowed down, and you can see the change clearly frame by frame. The first stop of DIANMING's 2023 overseas trip was chosen here.
——Tokyo International Lighting Fair 2023, Japan

"LIGHTING FAIR" is organized by the Japan Lighting Association. It has been successfully held for dozens of sessions and has been fully recognized by many international industry associations. It is one of the largest comprehensive lighting exhibitions in Japan. A large number of the latest lighting products are displayed here, which is a good opportunity for Chinese companies like DIANMING, which meet the high standards of Japan, to explore this market.

From February 28 to March 3, 2023, professionals in the lighting industry from all over the world gathered at the Ariake International Exhibition Hall in Tokyo to participate in this event.

In this exhibition, DIANMING's booth decoration is based on blue and white, and the layout is simple and elegant with a sense of design, which has received a lot of praise. The panda toys brought from China were very popular, which attracted many visitors.

DIANMING's booth attracted professionals from Japan, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, the United States, Bangladesh, China Taiwan and other countries and regions. They exchanged business cards for further communication. The popularity of the booth was so high that the on-site personnel were always busy on receiving.

In this exhibition, DIANMING's All-in-one solar street lights S5 and S6 series are well-deserved popularity kings. Based on the development trend of new energy, coupled with DIANMING's unique design, it has won the favor of many customers. The S5 can be matched with the camera to perfectly meet the needs of the food industry and parking lot projects; the ambient light design of the S6 can help beautify the environment while the main light illuminates the environment.

Unique and cutting-edge product designs will certainly attract customers, but what can further impress customers is the real quality. DIANMING's lighting products have completed quality inspections such as salt spray test and wind load test, and passed international certifications such as TUV, ENEC, SABER, etc. With meeting the standards of the international market, DIANMING's adherence to the quality has been recognized by customers all over the world.

The plan for a year lies in spring. The first stop of the year 2023 was a successful one. On the day of the return journey with a full harvest, the spring breeze blew the cherry blossoms all over the trees.
Spring is here.
We will see you at the next stop.