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Winding and ingenious| DIANMING lighting up the AIFA New Airport High Speed project in Mexico

Oct 17, 2022
The AIFA New Airport Expressway is the fastest way to the AIFA Airport in the Mexico City, which undertakes the most important traffic mission of Mexican citizens to quickly travel to the airport. Shenzhen DIANMING Tech Co., Ltd. was invited by the general contractors of the Mexico AIFA New Airport Expressway Construction and responded to the call of the Mexican government energy conservation and emission reduction. DIANMING Tech offered the high quality S5 Solar LED Street Light, this is another successful project for the New Energy Lighting Products practical application in a foreign country.
Mexico is located in southern of the North America. It is a must connection for the land transportation in South America and North America. It is known as the "land bridge" in the Americas. The new AIFA Airport is located 49 kilometers north of Mexico City. It is one of the most important channels for travel and foreign exchanges in Mexico. In order to meet the travel needs of the general public and improve the roads safety and comfort at night, the Mexican government launched the solar led street light installation project for the AIFA new airport highway, added and improved the lighting facilities of the airport highway and its interchange ramp. After the unremitting efforts of the engineering project team of DIANMING, as of now, the solar street lights of the 1-3 section of this project have been lighting up. At night, the lighting effect is just like daylight, and it's winding, overlooking from a high place, looks like a bright lighting strip, not only beautiful and atmospheric, but also created a comfortable night driving environment.
Shenzhen DIANMING Tech Co., Ltd. independently developed and produced S5 series solar LED street lights. The design is concise and atmospheric. The materials are internationally leading optical-grade PC. There is a very good anti-aging performance and avoid a decrease in light transmittance rate or avoid yellowing of the lens after a long period of sun shine time. In addition, all lamps use an advanced MPPT (maximum power point tracking) controller to detect the power generation power of solar panels in real time and track the maximum voltage current value. The tracking efficiency is greater than 99%, make the system charging the battery with the highest efficiency, which can provide greater charging current, with more energy saving and environmental protection.

Over the years, DIANMING Tech has always adhered to new products research and development and technological innovation to ensure good product quality. It has provided professional and high -quality LED lighting products and solutions for many domestic and foreign engineering projects. In the future, DIANMING will continue to rely on technological innovation, continue to deeply cultivate products research and development, comprehensively improve the overall service capabilities, use the most high-quality products and professional solutions, participate in more domestic and foreign road lighting projects, promote international energy conservation and emission reduction, and for the earth Sustainable development contribute wisdom and strength.