G9_LED Street Light

LED Street Light

Smooth backside
Compatible design
Separate chamber for driver
NEMA control interface
Latest LED technology
Expert lens for light distribution
Dual installation direction
Die-casting aluminum housing
IP66 protection

Compatible design

Compatible with PC lens + tempered glass, professional light distribution, fire-proof, anti-UV.

Separate chamber for driver

Separate chamber better protects LED source and driver from water and heat.

NEMA control interface

Support NEMA control interface and wired/wireless remote single lamp control, support photocell or single lamp controller.

Die-casting aluminum housing

Die-casting aluminum housing with over-all protection, 4 times of gravity test, adapt to harsh environments and stormy weather.

Expert lens for light distribution

Professional secondary optics design, maximum equalization of individual parameters, while extremely reducing color reproduction, and supporting rapid light distribution expansion.

Latest LED technology

The latest high-brightness outdoor SMD LED chip, combined with integrated lens and lower current drive, 10% increased in overall lighting efficiency and lower light decay.

Dual installation direction

Supporting horizontal/vertical installation / adjustable angle.

Smooth backside

Smooth, dust-proof and self-cleaning.


Cut off the power input (turn the switch gear to "OFf"). Connect the core wires of the power cableto the input wire of lamp correspondingly (lamp input wire: brown to the power grid L (Live line),blue to the power grid N (Neutral line), yellow-green to the power grid G (ground wire) , and wrapwith fireproof insulating tape according to safety regula-tions).

Installation steps:

1. Screw the photocontrol onto the base (optional);

2. Fasten the hoop to the lamp body with bolts;

3. Connect the cable according to the wiring diagram;

4. Loosen the fastening screws, align the hoop mouth with the light pole in the direction of thearrow shown in the figure, and slowly slide the light pole to the bottom;

5. Refer to the level bubble, rotate the lamp to keep it parallel to the direction ofthe road, thentighten two fixing screws, and finally tighten two fastening nuts.

Inspection after installation:

1. Firmness, cleanliness; direction, angle.

2. The wire is not exposed and the wire sheath is not damaged.

3. Power-on inspection (air switch and other devices need to be turned to the ON position); thecontrol system need overall adiustment; For lamps with construction errors, they need to bepower off and to do re-construction./p>

Open box to check

1.Before unpacking, check whether the packing box is damaged, check whether the attached technical documents, such as manuals and certificates of conformity, are complete, and check whether the lamp parts are damaged or loose.


1. Read the instruction manual carefully before using the product to avoid damage or accidents.

2. The lamps should be handled with care, and the non-installed parts of the lamps should be prevented from collision and scratches.

3. The wiring of the lamp should be correct, and the connection of the wire passing through the lamp should not bear additional external force and wear.

4. Before installing the lamps, the power supply must be cut off, and live work is strictly prohibited.

5. The lamp is not suitable for direct installation on the surface of common combustible materials.

6. If the lamps are not transported as a whole, the accessories need to be assembled on the lamps.

7. If the lamp is equipped with an air switch and other devices, it needs to be turned to the OFF position.

8. Use insulating gloves to ensure body insulation and avoid accidents.

9. The lamps and lanterns of the three-phase power supply system should be wired according to U, V, and W in order to ensure the three-phase balance of the power grid.

10. The lamps should be carefully checked before installation and use. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, please contact our company.

11. Before installation, ensure that the lamps are in good condition before they can be installed and used.

12. It should be fastened and reliable during installation.

13. Installation requires the guidance of relevant qualified personnel. Can be used indoor and outdoor. The foundation can support the light fixture.

14. The light source in this lamp can only be replaced by DIANMING employees, designated agents or persons with similar qualifications.

15. This product is maintenance-free and generally does not require maintenance. If you need maintenance, please contact our company.

Transportation and storage requirements

1. The lamps shall not be subjected to severe mechanical impact, exposure to sunlight and rain during transportation, and shall not be upside down.

2. Lamps should be stored in a warehouse with an ambient temperature of -30℃~+60℃, dry, clean and well-ventilated, without corrosive medium, and should be kept away from fire and heat sources