LED Character Matrix VMS

LED Character Matrix VMS

Character Matrix VMS is used in the highway & expressway & urban city road etc, which displays a set number of characters in a set number of rows in a fixed character width and height. DIANMING Character Matrix VMS uses efficient low power control electronics reducing the power consumption of the sign, which is variable to display any message with all kinds of characters and different standard configurations of 320mm or 400mm in height.

Application: Highway, ERP, Tollway, Street, Tunnel entrance, etc.


■ Available to display symbols, digit and characters...
■ The distance between character matrices is clear, easier to be read.
■ Web browser user interface for configuration, support and maintenance.


■ Support to display text in all languages.
■ All new enclosure design for easy installation, easy maintenance and safe access.
■ Support to mount on a variety of structures like cantilever post, gantry structure, etc.

★NOTE: Customization is available.