LED Predefined Sign

LED Predefined Sign

Variable Traffic sign is an important traffic facility installed on expressway & urban city road, it is mainly used for monitoring traffic conditions and receiving command to display relative traffic signs, signals, speeds, emergency events, etc. Variable traffic signs guide drivers a safer way ahead. Dimension, graphic display quantity, protocol are customized available.

Application: Highway, ERP, Tollway, Street, Tunnel entrance, etc.


■ EN12966 certified / CE-EMC, CE-LVD
■ High optical performance EN12966 / L3, R3, B1-B7.
■ DIP lens or SMD lens
■ communication interface via TCP/IP / Internet / RS485
■ Equipment life span designed for up to 10 years
■ 24hours × 7days performance
■ Protection grade up to IP66, working temperature from -40 ℃ to +60 ℃


■ Support NTCIP 1201 / 1203 / MODBUS / XML Protocol
■ Local control with GUI based
■ Pictogram based signs & full matrix
■ Failure LED location detect feedback
■ Energy-saving solution
■ Support protocol Modbus, NTCIP, XML, etc.
■ On-line failure pixel detect