DIANMING latest Speed Warning Sign (SWS) for speed limit warning has been designed with speed detecting radar technology to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians. As a power saving function, SWS only turns on with approaching traffic, displaying the speed numbers in different colors as the approaching car is going over the pre-set limit or not.

Technical Data
Lightweight Design: Marine Grade Aluminum
Nominal Voltage: 230V ±15%
Temperature and Humidity: -40C to 60C (relative Humidity up to 90%)
Fast Installation: Top or rear mounting arrangement for rapid fixing to structure (Cocoon option)

Product Features
• White numerals / illuminated red annulus
• Matt black powdered coated enclosure for contrast and longevity
• Punch holed enclosure for UV inhibition, increased rigidity and wind resistance
• Flashing inner annulus for enhanced visibility
• School zone or other text as required
• Choice of speed displayed
• Horizontal and vertical alignment bracket
• Mains or solar power option available

Additional Features
• IP6 enclosure for weather resistance
• Front and rear light sensors
• Flashing amber circle display on rear
• Anti-vandalism locking mechanisms
• Facility switch for field testing

• Rugged 4 season operability (sun, snow,rain, dust)
• 4G/5G enabled
• V2X/Bluetooth/Wifi Ready protocol)
• Streams compliant
• Proven in UV extreme environments
• 15 year service life