S5_Solar LED Street Light

Solar LED Street Light


Integrated Die-casting cavity, Tool-free access

The integrated die-casting molding structure and toolfree access is of integral prevention and makes it easier to install and maintain. Adjustable angle and vertical or horizontal installing available.


Secondary optical design

Secondary optical design, specially for solar street light, which maximally balances uniformity and illumination, while decreasing dispersion and reducing the color reproduction.


New generation LEDs

New generation high bright SMD, combined with integrated lens and lower current, which increases lumen flux by 10% and decreases light attenuation.


MPPT charging technology (optional)

MPPT control exerts the maximum power of the battery board, which improves the energy utilization rate by 15%~20% compared with ordinary controllers,



High energy density A-level batteries , combined with new protection plates and temperature control protection, which are safer and of longer cycling life. Li(NiCoMn)O2 /LiFePO4 battery optional.


Solar panel

Top quality monocrystalline silicon wafer, while improving packaging materials and technology, upgraded light transmittance, anti-aging performance and power generation capacity.


CCTV, 2G/4G, AC Input (optional)

Support customized utility power complementary ,high-definition camera, 2G/4G intelligent control system .



Overall waterproof design rather than glue waterproofing. Waterproof rate ≥IP66.


1、Due to space constraints, the remaining photovoltaic panels that cannot be all installed in the wooden box, will be fixed on a wooden box after applying the paper corner, and the placement of the remaining photovoltaic panels depends on the actual situation. Not shown in all cabinet drawings;

2、The data in the following tabel is the maximum number, and it depends on actual needs: eg.20~30W, 1 wooden case(1385x1050x1700) can hold max.270pcs PV panels, but can only hold 231pcs lamps, so the actual quantity is 231 sets.