S7_Solar LED Street Light

Solar LED Street Light

7th generation of high power solar street lighting solution tailored for highways and main roads.
Die-casting housing, overall protection, open housing without tools. Built-in battery, best protection for electronic component. Easy installation and maintenance. Support angle adjustment and vertical horizontal installation.
Professional secondary optical design, specially designed for roadway lighting.
All aluminum structure, with die-casting main body, which can easily withstand 4 times of its own gravity and work properly in bad weather. The lamp surface is sprayed with outdoor powder to prevent corrosion and rust.

One-piece die-casting. equipment compartment, open without tools

One-piece die-casting, overall protection, open without tools. Easy maintenance and installation. Support angle adjustment and vertical/horizontal installation;


A new generation of LEDs

A new generation of SMD high-brightness outdoor led lamp beads, combined with an integrated lens and lower current drive, the overall lighting effect is increased by about 10%, and the light decay is lower;


Secondary optical design

Professional secondary optical design, specially designed for solar street lights, maximally equalizes individual parameters, and at the same time extremely reduces color reproduction caused by secondary optics;


MPPT charging technology (optional)

MPPT control exerts the maximum power of the battery board, which improves the energy utilization rate by 15%~20% compared with ordinary controllers,



First-line brand A-grade batteries have higher energy density, combined with a new generation of protection boards and temperature control  protection, the cycle life is longer and safer. A variety of ternary/iron-lithium batteries are optional;


Photovoltaic panels

World-class monocrystalline silicon wafers, improved packaging materials and processes, improved light transmittance, anti-aging performance, and power generation


1.According to the unpacking prompts, take out all the lamp accessories and place them on a flat and clean table;

2.First open the upper cover of the hoop bracket, fasten the hoop bracket and the lamp body with 4 M8 screws, then cover the cover, fix the cover on the hoop bracket where it is located with screws, and then connect the photovoltaic panel and the lamp body The wires are connected, and finally the photovoltaic panel is fastened to the lamp.



1.First loosen the screw fixed on the bracket;

2.According to the direction of the arrow shown in the figure, align the mouth of the fixed hoop bracket with the light pole, and slowly slide it into the light pole until it reaches the top and bottom. (The angle of the adjustable hoop bracket can be adjusted by ±15°)

3.Check the spirit level under the lamp. Rotate the light fixture so that it is parallel to the direction of the road. Then tighten the 4 machine screws, and finally tighten the 4 fastening nuts.


1.Before the lamps are installed, the grid power supply must be cut off, and live work is strictly prohibited.

2.Before installation, ensure that the lamps are in good condition before installation and use.

3. It should be fastened and reliable during installation.