T7_LED Tunnel Light

LED Tunnel Light

Integral Design

Integrated linear surface lighting design, ultra-thin die-casting end cover, support linear non-spaced lighting.

High Quality Material

Only adopt international top brand LED chip and driver to guarantee best quality.

Excellent Cooling Design

All aluminum design, integrated downwind fins for naturally heat dissipation, reduce light decay and ensure long lifespan.

Soft Light Output

Adopt optical grade textured glass panel and high reflective rate reflector, highly efficient and soft light output, significantly reduce glare.

Chute Design

Chute design mount bracket, can move left and right flexibly to fit the installation position, ±45 ° angle adjustable, easy installation and maintenance.

IP66 Rated

Waterproof structure and standard respirator to balance internal and external air pressure and prevent fogging, ≥IP66.

Installation on both sides of the tunnel wal:

1. According to the hole size in the product dimension drawing, drill 4 mounting holes on the tunnel wall and install the lamps with 4 M10 expansion bolts.

2. Confirm the installation direction of the lamp (the luminous surface of the lamp points to the middle of the road), fix the lamp on the 2 expansion bolts according to the direction after confirmation. Take out the positioning screw, fix the positioning screw to the hole corresponding to the angle, and tighten the external hexagon angle adjustment screw;

3. Correctly connect the power cable from the lamp to the AC cable (see wiring diagram for details).

4. According to the actual lighting requirements on site, you may loosen the angle adjustment screw on the angle adjustment piece, adjust the lamp to the appropriate angle (around 15° from the horizontal level of the tunnel, depending on the arc of the tunnel), and then lock the bolt tightly.


1. Firmness, neatness, direction, angle;

2. The wire is not exposed and the wire sheath is not damaged;

3. Power-on check (air switch and other devices need to be turned to the ON position). For the lamps with control system and so on, it is necessary to coordinate the whole. For the lamps with wrong installation, it is necessary to disconnect the power and start the installation again.